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Ain't life just a mix of shadows and highlights?
Complete video production
We can offer you complete video production service for your project or just a certain part of it
First, we do a briefing with the client about all aspects of the project. Then, we prepare you an offer that would be a best fit for your needs. If you don't have it yet, we create a screenplay for you. The process continues with creating a storyboard and doing all the other prep work, from casting and location scouting to call sheet at the end. Basicly everything that has to be planned or set up, to sum it up.

Location Scouting
We then film the whole thing, that being on a real location or in studio, big or small crew. In this part of the process, a sentence »We will fix it in post« can only be said as part of a joke. Everything that has to be filmed/recorded, must be done as good as possible.

Post production is like completing a puzzle. We do all the editing work, effects, sound design, music etc., and we crown all that with appropriate color grading work. The project can be then delivered either for web, TV or cinema.

Color correction
Sound Design
2D animation (AE)